[🇰🇿 Kazakhstan] [🇪🇸 Spain] Link 🤘🏻Headbanger🤘🏻 Imported from 🇰🇿, Refined in 🇪🇸 Former of @sonsofaral_band An avid metal enthusiast since the age of 6, Link found an everlasting love for the genre. Starting with a fascination for powerful riffs and dark melodies, metal quickly became a lifelong passion. Today, that same enthusiasm burns just as bright, as Link continues to embrace the world of metal. He wields both guitar and bass, giving life to his creative ideas through music. Crafting original tunes, he finds joy in writing lyrics that speak from the heart and delivering them with raw emotion. With an unbreakable bond to the genre, he constantly explores new sounds and finds solace in the raw energy of metal. As a true metalhead, Link also shares his passion through a band called SONS OF ARAL. Get ready to headbang and share the love for all things metal with Link and the Sons Of Aral crew!